I have been sending email queries to volunteers in the "contacts in the group" area by checking their names and using the " Email send now (50 or less) action. These emails do not show up in email reports. Can I pull up the record/history of these emails in any way? For example I want to send a new message to the same list. Thanks, probably a beginner question.


Using the "quick email" function (aka "send now to 50 or less") bypasses CiviMail - so they won't show up on CiviMail reports. If you need CiviMail functionality (e.g. reply/click-through tracking, reporting, reuse, scheduled emails, etc.) you must use CiviMail.

However, you can still pull up a record of these emails, either via Advanced Search or Activity Report.

Advanced Search

  • Search menu » Advanced Search.
  • In the "Activities" section, specify "Email" as the Activity Type, and some way of identifying the email in question - perhaps the subject line (see screenshot), or the date. enter image description here

Also, if you want to track Bounces etc as you would for CiviMail, you can use the Transaction Email extension Fuzion created to help fill in this blindspot

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