Is there a reference anywhere for the in-line editing, e.g., 'Click Here to Edit' in CiviCRM? I need something similar for my extension and want to reuse as much as I can.

  • Please elaborate your question a little more and what are you trying to achieve? Jan 9 '18 at 20:47

Assuming you have an API that allows to modify the entity you want (if it's a custom one, it's easy to add), adding a few classes should be enough to enable the edit in place. You need to define the entity that contain the field (class crm-entity, id "type-{id}" on a containing dom node and then "crm-editable crmf-{fieldname}". for example:

  <tr class="crm-entity" id="contact-123">

    <!-- textfield (default type) -->
    <td class="crm-editable crmf-first_name">Fred</td>

    <!-- select list with empty option -->
    <!-- (note: options will be fetched automatically by the api) -->
    <td class="crm-editable crmf-prefix_id"
        data-empty-option="{ts}- none -{/ts}">Mr.</td>

    <!-- yes/no select -->
    <td class="crm-editable crmf-is_deceased" data-type="boolean">


More details in the doc


  • Thanks. That link is just what I needed. Not sure why I couldn't find it before. Jan 14 '18 at 13:23

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