Can someone explain to me step by step, please, how to create the multivalue fields illustrated in the User Guide under the title Multi-value fields in profiles? (It shows work experience list, but I wish to use it for something else. However I do not understand even how to create this work experience list!) Thanks! Mike Somorjay

  • We avoid multi-value fields where we can by adding them as standard fields to an Activity type and hence being able to record the data multiple times - just a thought for others reading this if they hit obstacles
    – petednz - fuzion
    Oct 9, 2018 at 18:40

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Multi-value fields can only be created on the Contact entity, which may be what's confusing. Here are the steps (with screenshots):

  • Administer menu » Customize Data and Screens » Custom Fields.
  • Click Add Set of Custom Fields.
  • Set Used For to "Contacts".
  • Check the box Does this Custom Field Set allow multiple records?

Create custom field set Select multi-value checkbox


Seems to be a duplicate of Edit Multi-Value / Multi-Record Fields in Profiles

It's only possible to add multiple-value field in profile in edit mode (not in create mode), i.e. the contact must already exists in the database and the link should be https://example.org/civicrm/profile/edit?gid=XX&reset=1&id=YY with XX=profile ID and YY=contact ID.

You might want to add a checksum if you don't want your user to log in.

EDIT 2018-10-09: checksum doesn't work because the link to the edit popup doesn't get the checksum

For reference, the documentation that is mentioned in the question is :


enter image description here

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