I had hoped to use Search Builder to find memberships where Membership End Date was between certain ranges, but in 4.7.25, this field isn't available, although Membership Start Date is.

Am I missing something? Is there a reason that Membership End Date isn't available?


It's present, but for who-knows-what-reason, it's labeled "Membership Expiration Date" in Search Builder.

However, before you go celebrating, in 4.7.25 there's a bug CRM-19998, which says, "Membership start / end date have no effect in Search Builder".

The GOOD news is that a fix was written for this. It was merged yesterday. The bug tracker says it's in Civi 4.7.27 - but next month is going to have a slightly unusual version release, so I suspect this is actually coming in 4.7.28, on December 6, 2017. If you need it today you can manually apply the fix.

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