CiviMail is no longer sending out mailings after a recent upgrade. The start and completed dates, instead of being blank, are "0th, 0 12:00 AM". How do I fix this?


I'm not sure what causes this - but an upgrade on a site of mine (MySQL 5.5, Debian 8.9) caused my civicrm_mailing_job database table to not allow NULL values for start_date and end_date. Since a NULL start date is a condition for sending emails, this causes CiviMail to fail.

To fix this, you need to run the following SQL commands:

ALTER TABLE civicrm_mailing_job MODIFY start_date timestamp null;
ALTER TABLE civicrm_mailing_job MODIFY end_date timestamp null;
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    This is caused by using an experimental version of the "doctorwhen" extension. There's a patch to fix this in the works. Oct 21 '17 at 15:59

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