Using version 4.7.27 and I am having a problem with groups. A normal user has permission to manage groups. They create a group, instantly they cant see it, only the initial admin user can see the group, even if I give them administer civiCRM access + manage groups + manage restricted groups, they are unable to see the group. This appeared to be working fine in 4.7.25 (I setup a test site and had no issues, but using 4.7.27 I cant get it to work at all). The intention was to use ACL's with the group, but I have since deleted them all with no luck.

  • What CMS are you running on? This is important because the CMS can have permissions that affect what users can do. – Sleewok Nov 13 '17 at 14:04
  • Running on Drupal 7 – Scott Neville Nov 13 '17 at 22:41

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