I have a similar problem to this and this issues, a redirect loop occurs on coming back from the payment system after making a contribution.

The difference with the 2 previous links is that the problem :

  • does not occur every time for logged out users
  • does not occur for logged in users
  • occurs only on a "second" contribution page. The main contribution page works fine.

When it's not working, the return URL is like this : /?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/contribute/transact&

instead of having the other get attributes like the contribution ID and such.

This site is using WP Rocket as caching plugin. I added exceptions for the contribution pages' URLs to avoid caching problems, but the problem persists and I do not know how to debug this issue... Especially that it seems to be randomly happening...

The payment system is Ogone. CiviCRM version : 4.6 WP version 4.8

Any suggestion appreciated!

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