I created a CiviCRM database locally on my windows machine on Wordpress. I am using a linux webserver to which I would like to move the data. I think there should be no issues in moving the data using phpmyadmin. Will there be any issues due to difference in OS ?


What other issues can be expected due to this movement?

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If Drupal you need to update the temporary files folder under Administer - Configuration - File System, and possibly in the files table you might have paths using a backslash that need to be converted.

Also even for non-drupal for the windows to linux direction pay attention to capitalization for any file paths. Linux is case-sensitive but windows is not.

And your civicrm.settings.php file may need updating for backslashes and capitalization.

File permissions and file/folder ownership also tend to be more varied on linux. You may have to grant permission to the web server (see e.g. Are there recommended directory ownership and permission settings for CiviCRM files?)

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