My recollection maybe wrong on this. Scenario is

  • main site A
  • subsite B
  • subsite C

Subsites B and C are created via Domain Access module and are correctly wired in to civicrm so that a contact created on siteB is added to GroupB and hence the subsite-admin on site B can log in to Civi but only see contacts in Group B.


What I am missing is how to ensure via Roles and Permissions (or something extra) that subsite-admin B cannot login in via subsite C (which they currently can and hence can see contacts in Group C)

I have looked at domain_roles and domain_login but neither give me what I expect.

Look forward to having the obvious missing link pointed out to me.

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Seems this is possible in a fairly blunt way by using the domain_bonus_login_restrict module which is part of the Domain Bonus module

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