In Drupal there is an option to have an email sent periodically when there are updates (in general, or only security updates) available:

Drupal security notification

I know CiviCRM already checks for updates and obviously has some pretty complex email functionality.

Have they been tied together in a similar way -- for example, to allow an email address or group to receive an email if a security release is ready?

  1. There is a security notification civicrm group that you can subscribe to on civicrm.org


  1. Security updates and notifications have not been tied as yet. Definitely this would be a good addition to the project

Note that a lot of work has happened on CRM-13823 that would facilitate this, primarily a rewrite of the System.check API. That work will land in 4.7 - it's not merged in core, but can be found here.

If you want the functionality you're describing now, and you run Nagios/Icinga, consider installing CiviMonitor.


Note that in 4.6 the in-app notifications have already been improved to display security updates as different from normal updates, and seperate display preferences for both.

enter image description here

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