I have downloaded and unzipped the files. In wordpress when i click on the menu "install civicrm" i have no answer, the screen remains. See screencap

Thank you for help

My hosting is by 000webhost free

Marcenter image description here


Welcome to the CiviCRM community!

After enabling CiviCRM on the WordPress plugins page, you must run the CiviCRM installer. Please see the WordPress installation instructions for details.

If you still have trouble, please post a new question, indicating a) the version of WordPress and CiviCRM; b) what steps you've taken, and which aren't working.


You need to click the Plugins tab and activate CiviCRM.

enter image description here

enter image description here


I found the answer to my problem.

The download of files was incomplete, i did it again properly and completely and it works quite well.

Thank you for those who answered.


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