I just upgraded to 4.7.28 on wordpress 4.9.1 I am trying to setup my Clickatell SMS provider but I am getting a strange error;

enter image description here

However I have dobble checked the details and have tested it using the URl method:


and that work fine, I am just trying to send indervidual SMS's at the moment.

here are the setting I am using:

enter image description here

Any help or insight into where things are going wrong would be appriciated

  • Hi @Zeak, in the settings you have a different url as test. The settings URL starts with platform and te thest url starts with api. Why? Dec 18, 2017 at 12:29

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As per Clickatell api documentation the api url to send sms is https://platform.clickatell.com/messages/http/send?apiKey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx==&to=xxxxxxxxxxx&content=Test+message+text

Please cross check in clickatell the api key under SMS Integration tab(it should be of 24 chars with '==' at the end).

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