I've tried importing participants in the standard way, then importing contributions for their event deposits (partial payments), then using API CSV import to connect them via a ParticipantPayment import. However, things don't seem to behave correctly afterward.

Bringing the data directly in via SQL on civicrm_participants, civicrm_contributions, and civicrm_participant_payments doesn't seem to work either.

What is the correct way to convert in the data so these participants will be connected with their deposits?

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In the end, this can't be done with a simple import. We must populate all of the following tables:

  • civicrm_participant
  • civicrm_line_item
  • civicrm_contribution
  • civicrm_participant_payment
  • civicrm_financial_item
  • civicrm_financial_trxn
  • civicrm_entity_financial_trxn

Given that complexity, I created a staging table and brought it all in via SQL scripts.

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