I volunteer for a german NGO and we want to enable our members to easily update their yearly payment. We have the following:

  1. A working installation of CiviCRM (v4.5.6)
  2. A membership type we're interested in
  3. A priceset assigned to this membership type
  4. A custom field for the value of the selected price

I try to build the following:

A simple form, which allows existing members to update their selected price (the custom field) from the given priceset. This requires a valid login, if there is no active session, a login screen should be displayed. The form will be embedded in an iFrame or similar.

I tried working with profiles and contribution pages but to no avail (as it is not setup as a recurring payment but rather a custom field). I found the Webform module and its CiviCRM integration but I'm not sure if that really is what I'm looking for.

Looking forward to any hints! Thanks so much.

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I ended up coding a custom solution (Drupal / CiviCRM API) because I ran into many issues with our specific setup.

But I also discovered and learned about CiviCRM-Webform and can recommend it for similar use cases.

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