By default, CiviCRM on Drupal's "Bartik" theme and Backdrop's "Basis" and "Seven" themes cause CiviCRM inline fields to display with horizontal scroll bars, which hurts usability (see screenshot 1).

In Drupal, the civi_bartik theme fixes this (see screenshot 2). Is there an equivalent theme for Backdrop CMS?

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Does civi_bartik just force the wrapper/container to be wider or is it doing something else? I just did a quick test in Seven and changing .container to have a max-width of 1250px appears to be enough (if your screen is big enough). This doesn't help on smaller screens of course. Jan 4 '18 at 19:16

I haven't seen one. Usually in cases like this I just make changes to the theme myself to account for things like this. Themes often times only take Drupal, its core modules, and some of the major add-ons into consideration for its theme. So when you use something else, like CiviCRM, you have to make changes yourself for usability.


Finding nothing better, I made my own Seven subtheme civi_seven.

CSS is definitely not my strong suit, but the net result is definitely an improvement on the existing options.

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