I think I may have deleted a bunch of activities by accident. Here's what seems to have happened:

  1. I had "Activity X" scheduled to occur every Saturday from 6/10/17 to 12/30/17

  2. As 2017 rolled along, each Activity was customized as a stand-alone "just this one" edit week by week. This gave me lots of individual past activities as desired.

  3. Because I needed to keep doing this through 3/31/18, I went to the entry for 12/30/17 and extended its "stop repeating" date to 3/31/18 and noted to apply only to this instance forward.

  4. This preserved the 12/30/17 instance (correct), created the weekly activities through 3/31/18 (correct), but seems to have made all activities in the set prior to 12/30/17 disappear (ARRRGH)!

Any idea what may have gone wrong and how to recover? What I described above is actually the situation for about 300 activities all together (I just gave one example).

We use WordPress and latest Civi edition. Thanks.

P.S. We may have a backup, but if this is a bug or something unclear, I want to be sure others know.

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Activities have a fairly complicated pattern in the database, where the column is_current_revision determines what the actual version is. You migt want to check the civicmr_activity table to see what the situation in your case. Also, if you have logging switched on that might help. Obviously if you have a backup that might be the quickest fix.

I am not sure if this is a bug, best option to find that out is try your scenario in a demo version?

  • Thanks. We do thankfully have a backup. We also have a dev site and will see if we can figure out if a bug is occurring.
    – slbradio
    Jan 6, 2018 at 18:44

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