I use CiviCRM for Joomla. After upgrading CiviCrm 4.7.27 to CiviCRM 4.7.29 following problems came up in module CiviEvent using CiviDiscount:

  • a EUR discount results in crazy figures (e.g. a 100 EUR discount from 780 turns to be 779.999.999.900,00 instead of 680)
  • new discount codes dont work at all

The database cividiscount_item shows correct values, also the new values are added there. So problems seems to arise after hitting "APPLY" - Button with id and name "_qf_Register_reload" in the CiviEvent-form

It looks like being related to the decimal sign "." or ",", but till now I have no clue checkign the code in cividiscount.php around line 420

Everything worked fine before the upgrade of CiviCRM

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I found this issue as regression to CiviDiscount ext due to CRM-21562 changes. Submitted a PR https://github.com/dlobo/org.civicrm.module.cividiscount/pull/190 against CiviDiscount ext. Can you please test this patch and if possible provide your feedback in the PR itself, that will be helpful in getting it merged?


  • Added the 3 lines and it worked for me ! Thx. Jan 9, 2018 at 21:24

This was a recent issue with some recent CiviCRM release.

See CRM-21562: Currencies (like Euro) with a comma for thousand separator are being seriously mishandled for the recent report and fix discussion. The discussion there suggests this issue is believed to be resolved in 4.7.29 - affected sites (like yours) will need to reach out (JIRA or ~dev-financial in CiviCRM chat) to report their experience.


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