I run a large non-profit dog registration system. One of the functions is to require all dogs to be registered with us for this particular sport.

The way I have it now, I have set up individual contacts and added custom, multiple entry custom fields. Individuals need to purchase a dog registration. I'm struggling with this setup since if the individual already has a dog registered, that dog info pops up in the form rather than it being blank. The only way I can see charging for registration of dogs in this manner is through CiviContribute. I would like: 1. Member accesses page to add a dog 2. Member enters dog info 3. Member enters payment info (I'm using iATS payment gateway) 4. On successful payment, the registration is completed.

Did I shoot myself in the foot by making these multiple custom fields under an individual? I had heard some suggestions where the dogs should be a sub-class of an individual and then use a membership status to charge for them? The issue with this is that there are way more fields then needed for a dog - how do I restrict which fields are visible on the backend for this type?

I'm looking for discussion and suggestions on this. Any help is much appreciated.


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I do not think I can give you just one answer. IMO you need to try a few ways before you make your final decision. Memberships certainly sound like a good idea to try.

I can imagine dogs would be a contact subtype with their specific fields, and the registration should be a relationship between the individual (owner - perhaps also a contact subtype) and a dog.


Yeah you probably want to add the custom fields to the contribution record, that way every new registration will be a new contribution and the fields will be blank each time for the user

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