civix generate:form creates a basic form with a buildQuickForm() and postProcess() demonstrating a select option.

I want the form to upload a file and save it to a custom field.

If I add: $this->add('file', 'file_id', "My document") then I get a normal file upload element on the form, but the problem is what to do with it in the postProcess.

$this->controller->exportValues() does not include my file_id although it is listed in $this->getSubmitValues(TRUE) with the the original file name and tmp_name.

I understand QuickForm does some filtering of submitted values but how do I stop the file details being filtered out and get it saved as a custom field?

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I just created a custom extension that uploads a CSV file and reads it into a table.

I added the file element in buildQuickForm as follows

  $this->add('File', 'uploadFile', ts('Import Data File'), 'size=30 maxlength=255', TRUE);

And the processing of the file was is done with

public function preProcess()
    if (isset($this->_submitFiles['uploadFile'])) {
        $uploadFile = $this->_submitFiles['uploadFile'];
        $importer = new CRM_Importer();
        $importer ->truncate();
        $importer -> importCVStoTable($uploadFile['tmp_name']);

I think the key element is $this->_submitFiles and you already found about the tmp_name


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