I searched the videos to try to answer my question, but nothing applicable show up. How do I just add an event to the event calendar? Not create a new event or manage events.. just add/manage events on the calendar?

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    Welcome to CIviCRM.SE. Sorry, but it is not clear at all what you are asking. By definition, you create a new event when you add an event to the calendar, and to manage events on the calendar you… manage events. If you are trying to add and modify events on the calendar that are not managed by CiviCRM, that requires a more complicated setup. Please edit your question to describe in detail what you are trying to accomplish. I strongly encourage you to take the site tour and review the help center as well if you are new to Stack Exchange. – choster Jan 19 '18 at 16:13
  • It sounds like maybe you are talking about a Drupal calendar as opposed to a CiviCRM event. If you create an event in CiviCRM, the purpose for that is to do registrations, RSVPs, etc. That is different than adding an event in Drupal. That still creates a 'node' in Drupal, but just with the information that people need. No sign up. – Jenni Simonis Jan 23 '18 at 3:28

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