drush and cv have both have commands to install extensions. But know I want to create a script that sets the CiviCRM components. Is it possible to do this?

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Thanks to passing JSON objects to drush cvapi I found a solution:

echo '{"enable_components" :["CiviContribute","CiviMember","CiviMail","CiviReport","CiviEvent"] }' | drush cvapi Setting.create --in=json

For those that use cv is also possible to use:

echo '{"enable_components" :["CiviContribute","CiviMember","CiviMail","CiviReport","CiviEvent"] }' | cv api Setting.create --in=json
  • For API4, the syntax is: echo '{"values":{"enable_components":["CiviContribute","CiviMember","CiviReport"]}}' | cv api4 Setting.set --in=json or cv api4 Setting.set '{"values":{"enable_components":["CiviContribute","CiviMember","CiviReport","CiviPledge"]}}'.
    – Martin_W
    Commented Mar 21, 2021 at 23:17

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