Running 4.7.29. I'm seeing some very odd behaviour with membership sign-up and renewal.

Renewals, despite happening within the grace period, are being set with a new 'member since' date, i.e. the same as the start date. As I understand it the 'member since' date should not change if the existing membership is current (i.e. has a status that is tagged as being current, e.g. New, Current, Grace).

I'm also seeing for a new member sign-up, although the contribution is marked as pending, the membership is not pending, but set to status = New. So, when, the payment arrives a few days later and the contribution changes to 'completed', the membership is then being renewed.

We're using the GoCardless payment processor (https://github.com/artfulrobot/uk.artfulrobot.civicrm.gocardless) and Rich Lott has confirmed that the processor does not touch membership code at all, relying wholly on Civi's inbuilt systems to handle memberships on contribution pages set-up for that purpose.

Anyone else seeing odd behaviour with membership dates?

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