I have buildkit installed on my computer however the php command is called php56.

The civibuildkit command fails because it is looking for a command called php.

Is there an easy way I could change the settings in buildkit so it will use the php56 command?


I put a symlink in /home/jaap/php56/php to the php56 binary and then I created a wrapper script.

mkdir /home/jaap/php56
ln -s /usr/bin/php56 /home/jaap/php56/php

Then I created a script in /home/jaap/bin/civibuild.sh:


export PATH="/home/jaap/php56:$PATH"
/home/jaap/bin/civicrm-buildkit/bin/civibuild $@

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I just took a look and the reference to php in the bash scripts seems to be hardcoded. I'm assuming there's already a php app with a different version, or else you could just put a symlink from php56 to php somewhere in your path. So I think your best bet is to:

  • Create that symlink anyway, but don't put it in your default path. E.g. ln -s /usr/bin/php56 /my/folder/php.
  • Add a line to civibuild (or call from a wrapper script) that puts the symlink at the BEGINNING of your path, so it's found before your regular php. E.g. PATH="/my/folder:$PATH".

By putting the symlink in the path only when civibuild is called it won't cause interference with your other applications that rely on a different PHP version to run.


Buildkit comes with a configuration file app/civibuild.conf.tmpl (that essentially functions as a wrapper script) that you should consider using instead of writing your own.

Copying it to app/civibuild.conf and adjusting the path to suit your needs should do the trick.

You'll still need to manage the symlink (as you and Jon mentioned).

  • I have fixed it with the Jons suggestion. And the civibuild.conf was not the solution in my case as it does not contains a parameters for the path the php executable. Commented Feb 16, 2018 at 16:51
  • Hmm, can you not add a directory to PATH variable that contains the php executable you want it to use? Commented Feb 16, 2018 at 20:06

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