Using civix I create an extension containing a new API (WD2.importdata). As result I obtained the file:


containing the following 2 functions:

function _civicrm_api3_w_d2_ImportData_spec(&$spec) {
function civicrm_api3_w_d2_ImportData($params) {

In my development server (Windows+Joomla+CiviCrm 4.7.25) the API is working properly. As I copied it in production server (Linux+Joomla+CiviCrm 4.7.25) both the API explorer and the Scheduled Jobs returns the error :

error_message": "API (WD2, importdata) does not exist (join the API team and implement it!)

I also tried to modify the function name in "_civicrm_api3_w_d2_importdata_spec(&$spec)" or "_civicrm_api3_wd2_ImportData_spec(&$spec)", without success.

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Even i have faced such problems many times in past. But i do some work around and fix it. What i would do

  1. rename file ImportData.php to WD2.php
  2. move WD2.php to org.civicrmitalia.washdog\api\v3\
  3. Use lower case as function name. eg civicrm_api3_w_d2_importdata($params)




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