After upgrading Civi to 4.7.30 the Template dropdown on the New Mailing screen has disappeared - the only option is to save to a new one: here's a screenshot.

We upgraded from Civi 4.7.29 to 4.7.30 on Joomla 3.8.5, but the same happens in a pristine 4.7.30 on Wordpress 4.9.4 environment.

Opening the Javascript Console in Firefox gave me this: Console output

It appears a ~/crmMailing/Templates.html is missing, called from Templates.js in the same folder /civicrm/ang/crmMailing/.

Anyone able to reproduce this?

Thanks for your help,


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This is a bug in 4.7.30. See CRM-21759. There is now a patch for it, or you can wait for 4.7.31.

in 4.7.30 there is a call to a non existent angular templates file. This means that the Message Templates section of a new mailing doesn't load.


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