A common need in event registration systems is the ability to allow participants to select from a list of concurrent "breakout" sessions that will occur in various time slots during the course of the event.

I know this could be achieved using custom fields in a profile inserted into the event Online Registration form. I don't like this because (1) it's "clumsy" as Dave Greenberg admits (and the average user will not enjoy the process of creating a custom field group, custom fields/options, and including them in a profile—no way!), and (2) Some of the fields/options will only be used one time and would clutter up the permanent list of custom fields in the system.

Ideas on alternatives are welcome!

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I've tried a bunch of approaches, and price sets are definitely the best approach here.

  • Create a "Select" price set for each group of concurrent sessions (e.g. "Workshop Session 1", "Workshop Session 2", etc.).
  • This also allows you to charge different amounts for different sessions, if some incur an additional cost.
  • The price set options selected will be stored on the participant record as "Fee Level", and can be easily searched/displayed.
  • Perfect, that does exactly what I need. I was not aware of how to fully utilize Price set fields. Light bulbs turned on when I realized that you can set Amount to "0" and then choose to hide the amount from display.
    – LunkRat
    Commented Apr 1, 2015 at 3:00

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