We have wordpress 4.9.4 and civi volunteer 4.7.21-2.2.3

When someone makes a contribution or joins as a member, we get a missing table database error (from the error log): Table 'vahcrm.civicrm_value_volunteer_commendation_7' doesn't exist

This error occurs after the transaction goes through and civi tries to update the database and the user gets the error: Failed to update contribution in database

When we try to renew a membership, we get (from the error log): Table 'vahcrm.civicrm_value_civivolunteer_5' doesn't exist

A little background....I'm a volunteer for a non-profit. The previous web/civi admin person moved everything to a new site, broke the site into a multi-site configuration without fully setting everything up, and then quit. I came to the civi problems having only heard the word civi before. I would appreciate ANY help I can get to figure this out.

How do I go about finding and fixing this problem?


What might help in such situations is to disable, uninstall the extension and then install it again in the hope it will create the missing fields and tables.

It is a good idea to make a backup before you disable the extension because there is a high risk of losing data.


If you are new to CiviCRM and facing a partially configured, broken multi-site configuration I'd recommend you find a Partner to help you. (Disclosure: I'm one of them - there are many others!).

You need someone to review your current configuration, understand what is broken/incomplete and then come up with a plan to fix it. That is beyond the scope of what can reasonably be achieved through SE.

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    Wow......uh, thanks.....As a non-profit volunteer with no budget, I don't have money to spend on getting help, so I was hoping to find help here. I've learned a lot about civi over the past few weeks, but I'm still having problems with this issue. Oh well.
    – kzburn
    Feb 23 '18 at 15:09

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