I was able to Import Bank Statement To Civicrm with the help of this CiviBanking : No valid booking date detected. Not imported!

Now my second task is to add Matcher Plugin. In Wiki Docs, I see a list of matchers

Default Options - creates two default suggestions: manual reconciliation and ignore

Batch Matcher - matches to payment batches

Contribution Matcher - matches to existing contributions Create

Contribution Matcher - creates suggestions to create now contribtuions

Ignore Matcher - can be configured to automatically ignore certain transactions

Membership Matcher Plugin - records transactions as membership dues

Recurring Contribution Matcher Plugin - reccords transactions as > installments of recurring contribtuions

SEPA Matcher - intgrates with the CiviSEPA extension

I see a configuration in json format here : https://github.com/Project60/org.project60.banking/blob/master/configuration_database/matcher/default/EnglishDefaults.json

    "generate": 1,
    "auto_exec": false,
    "manual_enabled": true,
    "manual_probability": "50%",
    "manual_show_always": true,
    "manual_title": "Manually processed",
    "manual_message": "Select this <strong>after</strong> you have manually processed this transaction.",
    "manual_contribution": "Please enter the resulting contribution ID here (if applicable):",
    "manual_default_source": "Offline",
    "manual_default_financial_type_id": 1,
    "ignore_enabled": true,
    "ignore_show_always": true,
    "ignore_probability": "0.1",
    "ignore_title": "Not CiviCRM related",
    "ignore_message": "Choose this option if you are positive that this transaction has nothing to do with CiviCRM.",
    "value_propagation": {
        "ba.name_id": "contribution.custom_14",
        "btx.financial_type_id": "contribution.financial_type_id",
        "btx.campaign_id": "contribution.campaign_id"
    "lookup_contact_by_name" : {
        "soft_cap_probability": 0.8, 
        "soft_cap_min": 10, 
        "hard_cap_probability": 0.4

Where do we need to add this configuration in database so that I can see the matcher plugin?


A matcher is added just like an importer on the configuration screen. The configuration screen has different sections. The top one is the importer, then the matchers, then post processors and the last one are exporter plugins.

See below for a screenshot:

How to add a matcher

After you click on Add a matcher you are able to select a matcher type and a configuration for that matcher type.


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