In our set-up we have custom fields associated to activities, the value of which is computed periodically by scheduled job. The job executes a query that reads something like:

UPDATE civicrm_value_something sth JOIN ( SELECT a.id, someexpression() as value FROM civicrm_activity a JOIN sometables WHERE somecondition ) r ON r.id = sth.entity_id SET sth.somefield = r.value;

This was working fine until today when we migrated from 4.7.24 to 4.7.30, which introduces some new triggers on civicrm_activity table. The problem is that MySQL does not support executing triggers that update a table used (even just for read) in the statement that cause the trigger. So the query fails with this error:

[nativecode=1442 ** Can't update table 'civicrm_activity' in stored function/trigger because it is already used by statement which invoked this stored function/trigger.]

The only solution I can see is to split the query and store the result of the sub-query in a temporary table. This is not desirable because it is less convenient, less performant (if the subquery fits in memory) and less atomic.

Has someone faced a similar problem and come up with a good solution?


An option is to disable the trigger, run your upgrade and re-create it at the end.

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