I have a civi site working from a subdomain on my main VPS account. I want to move the account to its own cpanel account, allowing the client full access to the site. However, I'm concerned about path changes and whether I need to change anything beyond what's in civicrm.settings.php, Resource URLs and cache. Is changing the BaseURL, etc. in settings enough to manage all absolute path references?

Thanks, Kate

Current: /home/sherida1/public_html/jgsny_restore

New: /home/jgsny/public_html/


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At least a couple times a month, I copy our live site over to the dev version, which means different paths. I just make sure I:

delete the templates_c directory and let it recreate itself

change the civicrm.settings.php file

check the directories page in CiviCRM: administer > system settings > directories

check the resource URLs page in CiviCRM: administer > system settings > resource URLs

clear caches and update paths: administer > system settings > cleanup caches and update paths

Running through all these steps always fixes any changes in my installation directory.

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