I'm having issues with emails being sent for new donations (membership signups actually).

I've tested each mail server type and I can send bulk emails, and test emails. I'm using PayPal as my processor and that seems to be working fine.

My contributions are being marked complete, and new contact/memberships are being created. It seems the only problem is the member isn't getting sent a receipt email.

I noticed this q: Online receipt not being send to donors which sounds similar but I think I've tested that it isn't a paypal problem.

When I tell the system to store the emails in the db, no email is being created, telling me the issue is within CiviCRM.

Any ideas? Much appreciated.

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This seems to be a known, critical, and unresolved bug with WordPress and PayPal since 4.5.4. It has been reported as issue 16181, Email reciepts for contributions being marked as sent but are not sending, and therein is noted as related or a duplicate to 15629, Paypal IPN not working on Wordpress the first time, which is also referenced in the other Civi.SE question.

Kurund suggests testing patch 5647 to see if it resolves the problem.

Update: Both Issue 15629 and Issue 16181 are marked as resolved as of 4.6.3.

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