I have CiviCRM set up to import e-mails that are sent to our main support desk. These e-mails come in as "Inbound Email" activity types. At this time we are manually importing those e-mails into a CiviCase case to keep track of them.

My question is how do you reply to these emails? When I look at the activity itself, it does not have an option to reply. When I connect the inbound email activity to a Case, I can compose a new email as an action in the case, but I still don't have an option to reply to an email.

By "reply to an email" what I am looking for is to have a new email window opened, with the email I am replying to already in the email compose window and quoted, and the subject set, and the "to" and "cc" lines set, so that I am all ready to compose a reply.

Is this possible? Or is there an extension to support this? It seems like such a basic function I'm really confused that I don't see it.

Thank you

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