I cannot save Reports to Dashlets. I have taken a Membership Detail report and edited it to show me the information I want. I go to the Access tab and click on "Available for dashboard?" and Save it, but nothing happens.There is no dashlet when I go to my dashboard and configure. I have also tried to save it to My Reports and nothing is there.

This WAS working. I had a Membership dashlet and a report of my own in the dropdown report menu. The dashlet stopped working and the report instance has disappeared.

I am on the latest version of CiviCRM 4.7.30

I am logged in as the Super User, I have read the documentation and searched the forum for an answer. As a result, I have specifically created an Admin group to include Super User and given it the Administrator ACL. This account has the Super User privs of Joomla.

I have searched this forum and seen the previous query. I noticed that I do NOT get the ACL and Permissions on my Report instance and never did. Why is that?

Why is nothing happening? What could have changed in the last month?

Access and Save Report has no ACL or Permissions

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