Everytime I try to make an event, or access any page with event information, I get the following error:

You have requested a non-existent service "civi_flexmailer_required_tokens".

Using latest Civi 5, Wordpress 4.9


we have similar issue but after clearing civicrm cache using menu/rebuild it started working.

  • For drupal civicrm/menu/rebuild?reset=1 Jun 18 '18 at 22:53

We were seeing the same problem after upgrade to CiviCRM 5.0.2. This is a detail follow-up on Sunil's answer above (sorry, didn't have enough reputation points to comment on his directly and thought this would be useful.)...

The URL to clear the CiviCRM Cache is:



Still figuring this out - but disabling Event Calendar (com.osseed.eventcalendar) fixed the issue.

Update: Cleaned up Cache - error persisted, Cleaned up cache and rebuilt CiviCRM menu - re-enabled com.oosseed.eventcalendar - all good to go.

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