How do you add a CiviCRM query link such as:


Into a Drupal main menu with Clean URLs enabled?

With Clean URLs enabled, Drupal will strip out the ?q=, breaking the link.

Desired outcome: Drupal main menu. Menu item "Members". URL to "civicrm/member/search&force=1&qfKey=0&reset=1"

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You can find further info here, but I'd recommend setting up a Redirect (using this module) and using that URL in the menu. For example, the redirect URL could be member/search and then it redirects to civicrm/member/search&force=1&qfKey=0&reset=1.


You could also use "/civicrm/member/search&force=1&qfKey=0&reset=1" in the link? That should work too.

  • I find that when I enter that into the path I receive the following error - "The path '/civicrm/member/search&force=1&qfKey=0&reset=1' is either invalid or you do not have access to it". While Laryn's solution works as desired. Thanks Parvez. Jun 12, 2015 at 8:29

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