Wordpress 4.9.5 / CiviCRM 4.7.31 / GDPR extension 2.1

How do I pass tokens to the GDPR communications preference page (using Veda's extension)?

I've got the Communications Preference link working (not quite as formatted in the extension control panel, I think it's a Drupal / WP thing);


Which works great (when I'm logged in). However, when I visit as an anonymous user, I get a blank page. I could ask all my contacts to re-type their details in, however, the scope for errors / duplication / drop-out makes this less than ideal.

I can format an email to send a token to update a profile but that doesn't pick up the GDPR consent date / data:


When I try and pass those tokens I get a blank form, so it's not picking up the userID and loading the relevant data from the db:


I'm pretty sure this is possible (the built in tokens should provide this function), however, the built in tokens don't seem to generate valid links or URLs (or indeed anything).



I can include {contact.checksum} and preview email as html and see a checksum, but the comm_pref tokens stay as {contact....}

If someone can post a valid tokenised Communications Preference page I can probably reverse engineer something.

So again, not sure if Drupal / WP related or some other missing dependancy?

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We've addressed this issue in v2.3 of the extension Two new tokens have been introduced for mass mailing and they keep the URL in tact.


I had a similar issue and posted here: https://github.com/veda-consulting/uk.co.vedaconsulting.gdpr/issues/50

I have not had a chance to see why the tokens were not working for me, but I can add them manually:


Replace example.org with your domain and wp-civicrm-basepage with your slug for the basepage you are using.

Update: Version 2.2 of the extension has fixed the issue with tokens


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