We have found that it is more cumbersome than it is worth to use a 'volunteer' sub-contact type classification. One reason is profiles assume one contact type and even working with Caldera Forms it over-complicates matters. Simply, 'Volunteer' is not a distinct enough categorization, at least for us to make it a sub-type.

Are there any effects on the project management side of CiviVolunteer where this is not advised?

We would simply change the custom field set to apply to individuals.

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I know this is an old question, but it doesn't have an answer.

The "Volunteer" sub-contact type ships with CiviCRM core and is, for the most part, unrelated to CiviVolunteer. The "Volunteer Information" custom field set ships with CiviVolunteer merely as a demonstration of the "slider" functionality. That it is configured as a "Volunteer" rather than an "Individual" field set is arbitrary.

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