I am on Civi 5.0.1 and Wordpress 4.9 Please see screenshots. I need to print and mail some Contribution invoices. I noticed that the address layout for the invoices is incorrect. I went to Administrator > Communications > Messages Templates > System Workflow Messages. Then I clicked to Edit Contributions - Invoice.

I tried rearranging some of the tables and short codes to make it show up the way I need it to, but that just messed it up even more.

Can someone tell me the proper table and shortcode arrangement in Contributions - Invoice to get the address layout I need?

Thank you.

enter image description here enter image description here

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Initially i thought the address are rendered using format defined at Address Settings but i was wrong when i checked the message template. The message template is designed to use address format as

Street Address Supplement Address
Supplement Address State Abbreviation
City Postal Code

I did some modification to message template so that State Abbreviation is between City and Postal Code. Can you try after replacing the content of Contributions - Invoice message template with the content from here?



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