I host a donation-based event, and allow people to register online using a PayPal Payment Processor.

I want to have different options for donations, but also none at all (zero amount).

I tried to use Regular Fees with one of them set to zero, I tried Price Sets, I tried CiviDiscount. But all have the same problem - once the amount to pay is zero, the 'Pay' button of PayPal disappears, and instead there is no button to register free from charge.

I also tried to name the 'Pay Later' label as '€0', but then the user still has to choose one of the normal fees, and then choose the '€0' payment processor rather than the PayPal one, which is very confusing.

How can I do that choosing the zero fee will simply allow to continue and register without paying anything?


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If you make a price set, create a price field and make the field not required, you should be good to go. The person simply wont choose a price option and registration will continue as normal. You should also be able to add a no cost (value 0) fee and registration will also continue as normal.

Can you explain more about your setup? CMS, CiviCRM version, what you mean by 'Pay' button of PayPal disappears.

  • I'm finding that even when a price set is optional, the registration process insists that a value be chosen from the price set. So I've gone back to having a zero cost option for the paid event, and having a lot of $0.00 contributions collected in the system. Running 5.32.1 under Wordpress Jan 29, 2021 at 20:38

If you are on a version of civi pre 4.7.x then were some related bugs eg https://issues.civicrm.org/jira/browse/CRM-16929. Knowing what version of civi you are on helps folk answer you more helpfully but that ticket does clearly suggest that a $0 in the Price Set options should work fine.


Just hit this issue myself and after a bit of testing I think I've worked out that there is an issue with the "Paypal-express" payment processor.

Image below has paypal-express set as processor

Test event with paypal-express selected as payment option

With payment methods set to test or "paypal standard" the continue button is there, but if the "paypal-express" payment processor is selected the contine button disappears for zero dollar payments.

Image below with paypal-standard set.

test event with paypal standard set as payment option

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