I use Civi 4.7.27 on Drupal.

In the edit event registration dialog for a participant, there is a field for 'Notes' about this participant.

How can one add this 'Notes' field in a participants report? It does not appear in the 'Columns' tab of the report.


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The approach we take in most installs is to add a participant custom field called something like 'registration notes'. This field can also double as a special request field that we use on front end registrations if you like. Then in reports you can have the user's requests and internal notes in the same column.


Yes - that field is not there in stock CiviCRM; When I run into this I usually install Fuzion's Extended Reports extension. When the field is still not there in any of the Extended Report templates, then I add a field/PR for that Extension.

Here's an example of when I wanted to add in a handy link to the participant record and also add in the Source field: https://github.com/eileenmcnaughton/nz.co.fuzion.extendedreport/pull/55

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