When I go to "manage groups", some of my smart group counts are listed as "unknown" and the notification "Count data for smart groups is not currently calculated" appears.

Does anyone know how to address this issue? I have the smart group cache timeout set to 5 minutes and I have "Rebuild Smart Group Cache" cron job set to always run when the cron runs. The cron task runs every 15 minutes.

I can manually click "Update Smart Group Counts", but the problem is that I have an automatic sync to Mailchimp. So whenever the smart groups fail to count themselves and Mailchimp tries to sync, it thinks everyone in the smart group unsubscribed when really Civicrm lost track of the smart group counts.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • If your issue is with the integration with MailChimp, have you considered using the new Mosaico extension? That avoids the sync problem and keeps everything in Civi. – Aidan May 25 '18 at 8:47

This Q/A discussion "Should Manage Groups display the Smart Group contact count, or just display it as Unknown" may help including following the links to read the comments for issue CRM-21583.

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  • I see it should say "unknown" if no cache is found. However, I think this should never happen. The moment when the cache is not found, the mailchimp extension thinks I have no more users in the mailing list and it unsubscribed everyone. My Smart Group Timeout was set to 5 minutes and the scheduled jobs set to run every 15 minutes. Perhaps the smart group timeout needs to be longer than the scheduled job time? I have updated the cache timeout to 20 minutes to see what happens. – Joel May 28 '18 at 13:20

Why do you use a smart group for syncing with mailchimp? What would happen if someone unsubscribe from mailchimp?

I would advise to use a normal group for a mail group, that way you are sure what would happen if someone unsubscribes (either via Mailchimp or via CiviCRM).

If you need people to be automaticly subscribed to mailgroup you could use CiviRules (https://civicrm.org/extensions/civirules) for that. Documentation on CiviRules could be found at: https://docs.civicrm.org/civirules/en/latest/

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  • Hi Jaap, It's because we group people dynamically based on certain data, usually membership contribution status and their geolocation. We do a one-way upload, so if the user unsubscribers from Mailchimp, then mailchimp handles their unsubscription. Civi rules may be a good solution, but I am still concerned about how civi is working. Is my installation broken if it can't maintain a list of smart group counts? This seems like a bug to me. – Joel May 28 '18 at 12:57
  • The smart groups are a bit buggy and unstable in CiviCRM. Altough I am not a user and quite a few users use them succesfully. But I had some clients in the past where smart group counts did not work, or where the smart group caused a database deadlock. So my general advice is to stay away from smart groups. – Jaap Jansma - CiviCooP May 28 '18 at 14:50

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