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I want to add email address to create a contact of type Household , how I can achieve it as while checking in API explorer I don't see it.

$result = civicrm_api3('Contact', 'create', [
  'contact_type' => "Household",
  'household_name' => "Test",
  'email' => '[email protected]

I was trying to convert civicrm API v2 to civicrm API v3. In civicrm API v2, I saw this, so I thought we may have some way to add email directly in API v3 (also not sure if api v2 below is correct)

$householdParams = array(
                    'household_name' => $familyName,
                    'contact_type'   => 'Household',
                    'email'          => $form_state['storage']['contactInfoValues']['emailAddress']
$householdContact =&civicrm_contact_add($householdParams);

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You will have to use the Email API with the contact_id of the just created contact. You can do this in a chained API call if you want to.


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