When we search for contributions and export, the export places Campaign IDs in Campaign Title column and nothing in Campaign ID Column. Any ideas?

CiviCRM 4.6.3 (happened in older versions also)

WP 4.2.2



Screen grab of missing data

  • Update: I was able to recreate this on the official Civi 4.6 WP demo site. – Eric W May 20 '15 at 17:53
  • For anybody trying to reproduce the link to the demo site's user who has a contribution with a campaign assigned: wp46.demo.civicrm.org/wp-admin/… – sleidig May 20 '15 at 21:54
  • Looks like a bug to me. I can also reproduce the issue - on the WP and the Drupal demo site. Interesting enough, for "Select Fields to Export" there is only one option "Campaign" in the list which results in two columns "Campaign ID" and "Campaign Title" in the exported csv file. – sleidig May 20 '15 at 22:04
  • Agreed. I was advised to submit a bug report on JIRA and did so yesterday. Hopefully, this can be easily sorted. – Eric W May 21 '15 at 14:17
  • Eric, could you provide a link to your bug report? – Heather O. Jul 15 '15 at 9:48

This is a bug. Please file an issue on JIRA referencing this page. Instructions on filing a bug report here: https://civicrm.org/bug-reporting

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