If I am using a Price Set field with a multiple participant count (Say, Five registrants for a discounted price of $550) will or can I also capture the additional registrant information.

to expound:

We have individual registration options, as well as a group registration option. I was planning on doing - 1 price field for General registrant (Participant count of 1) - 1 price field for Student registrant (Participant count of 1) - 1 price field for Group of Five (Participant count 5)

Do I need to activate the "Register additional participants" option in order to capture the additional participants names or will civi prompt for that info since the participant count is 5 for the Group of Five option.

If I do have to select the "Register additional participant" setting, would the registrant have to both select 4 from the Register Additional Participants drop down as well as select the "group of 5" option? if this is the case, should the group of 5 participant count really be 1 instead of 5?


  • If you need more complex set ups then it is worth mentioning your CMS as there may be options such as webform_civicrm or caldera-forms that can help bend the laws of the civi universe
    – petednz - fuzion
    Commented Jun 22, 2018 at 23:27
  • Sorry, we are on Joomla Commented Jun 28, 2018 at 16:54

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Yes - typically you would activate "register additional participants" to capture the additional names. The participant count being 5 will NOT trigger this. That workflow is preferred when someone is, say, buying a table of 10 for a fundraiser gala but doesn't know who will be attending. And yes - the participant count should be "1" in this case.

  • It would be nice if your participant count is more than 1 that you could choose whether or not to collect guest info. I don't seem to see on option that allows us to have realtime data. Either our numbers will be an underestimate because our Group of 5 participant count is set to 1 or if we set it to 5 then later get the names of the additional participants and add them to the event it will cause the participant count to be inflated. I though of possibly breaking down the group of 5 pricing to the individual price, but there is no way require 5 registrants in order to get that pricing. Commented Jun 28, 2018 at 17:01

It sort of depends on what counts as 'additional information'. For example you could have a Profile that has (Participant-based) fields for the names of Persons 2 - 5, so this does not create Contact records for them, but you do know who they are.

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