The requirement is if Contact A's specific field values(custom fields) are matching with Contact B field values then Contact C(Admin) should b able to share Contact A's profile with contact B by civimail. The profile should be of drupal view page of type Civicrm Contacts I tried Fuzion tokens extension to attach the user id and use the link as template for civi mail- "http://localhost/example.com/profile-page-view?uf_id={user.id}" but this will attach their own profiles(Recipients own profiles) Admin will be finding the matching contacts using advanced search and find matches and sends email Any help would be appreciated.

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You could use the custom field value as a Contextual Filter and hence only show results to B for contacts where the other contacts' custom field matches that of B. I am not quite clear on how to do this but getting the value from B and applying it as a filter on the view seems like it should be entirely feasible.

Alternatively could you consider basing this on Relationships between B and A.

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