For recurring contributions, I am getting unusual results in the civicrm_financial_trxn table. Three very similar entries are created for each contribution, two of which cancel one another out.

Am I failing to grasp something about double-entry accounting, or are two of these records simply unnecessary?

Or perhaps my financial types are configured to do weird things. Perhaps there should be three entries, but at least one account code other than 1150 and 455-11 should be in play. If this is the case, how do I go about identifying the culprit financial account?

Below is a screenshot from the Bookkeeping Transactions Report:

Bookkeeping Transactions Report

Some notes:

  • It's probably not sensitive, but I've changed the transaction number out of an abundance of caution. Note that the original number was the same for all three rows.
  • Note that the first and second rows cancel one another out (the amount in the second row is negative).
  • Note that the payment method is blank for the third row.

Below is a screenshot of the civicrm_entity_financial_trxn entities that feed into the report:

Database view

Possibly of note:

  • There is a four-second delay between the first record and the other two.

System Details:
CiviCRM verion: 4.7.29
CMS: Drupal... ahem... 6
Payment processor: Authorize.net

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Likely due to this issue. Looks like there is a PR to correct this with a milestone of 5.4.0, so I guess this problem persists in the current 5.2.1 release.

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