I have a requirement to extend change add/edit screen of static group and add some extra fields there, like default email subject.

For saving extra fields I'm thinking about adding a new table, linked to groups table.

Then to display those fields I will need to create my own version of CRM_Group_Form_Edit.

Now I'm thinking what is better way to do all this, 2 options:

  • put required classes and templates in custom folder and change them. Looks like this is standard way.
  • instead of editing CRM_Group_Form_Edit I could create my own class then change CRM_Group_StateMachine to point to that class which would extend CRM_Group_Form_Edit

2nd option kind of sounds a better way thinking about feature upgrades.

are there same case scenarios when to use what? or any other suggestions for this requirement?

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Any reason why you cannot use a custom set that extends groups? This allows you to add various fields to civicrm_group which appear in the add/edit screen of all groups

You can select "Groups" in the "Used For" selection here:


  • looks like there is no reason not to use it :) I'm too new to know all functionality
    – Mantas
    May 21, 2015 at 20:39

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