Ok, this should be very straight forward but it doesn't appear to be.

I have a CiviCRM Contact View in Drupal 7. It is a contact search of sorts. When a contact is rendered a number of things are displayed. The contacts can be a member of one or more CiviCRM Groups and I would like to display a comma delimited list of the groups that each contact belongs to. At present Drupal Views only displays the first group.

Any ideas of how to render more?

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You can use Views Aggregator Plus module to group contact 2 rows.

Views Setting enter image description here

Table format setting enter image description here

Result enter image description here



  • Thank you @Pradeep Nayak. I'll give that a whirl and report back. Commented Jun 28, 2018 at 17:53
  • I'm not sure that this will work for me. I'm using a display type of unordered list and I plan to Have the Firstname, Lastname + Groups on one line in my rendered view. I'll have a look at this further later today and see if I can use it. Aside from the need of a table display type, it does exactly what I want it to do. Commented Jun 28, 2018 at 18:06

I've resolved this for my needs and here is my solution in case anyone else needs to do the same thing.

I would have liked to use the Views Aggregator Plus module however I am not using a table for rendering my results and I have somewhat specific needs for the way the results are formatted.

My solution was to create Custom Views Field and in my field handler, I queried the CiviCRM API to pull all of the Groups per Contact ID. In order to limit the Groups to the ones I wanted to render, I used the Visibility setting for "Public Pages" and put a conditional in the loop that produces the results.

Hooks: hook_views_data() hook__views_api()

In my views filed handler inc file I created a class that extends views_handler_field to run my logic and return my results.

I acquired the contact id and placed it in avariable called $contactid then used the following CiviCRM API code to get my groups array

$groups = civicrm_api3('GroupContact', 'get', array(
  'sequential' => 1,
  'contact_id' => $contactid,

The rest was pretty straight forward looping and concatenating the string of Group Titles.

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