CiviCRM.org has a page on reporting bugs, but my bug is in an extension. How should I report it?

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You must report it to the extension author. The CiviCRM core team doesn't have any control over third parties who write extensions.

To find the author's preferred place to report a bug:

  • Go to Administer menu » System Settings » Extensions.
    • It might be in Administer menu » Customize Data and Screens » Manage Extensions if you upgraded from an older version.
  • Click the triangle to the left of the misbehaving extension (see screenshot below).
  • Click on the Support link and submit your issues there.

enter image description here

Usually the link will be to an issue repository - possibly on Github, possibly on the CiviCRM GitLab. Occasionally it will be to Stack Exchange.

Some authors may only offer paid support. Please remember that extension authors give their work away for free and treat them well!

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