Can anybody recommend a membership card printing system which will enable printing of standard credit card sized plastic membership cards which will draw data from CiviCRM and add a photo to the card using a camera, in real time. The photo may optionally be then stored in CiviCRM if we so choose.

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The other option to print Membercard is using an extension developed by Webaccess Global which generates card in pdf format.



I have a client that uses CardExchange Producer to print their membership cards using real-time CiviCRM data.

Note that compatible systems will most likely want to connect to your database via a MySQL connection - and since CiviCRM is most often hosted on a web server outside the office, that presents a technical challenge. You should be prepared to do some sort of VPN or tunneling between your web server and CiviCRM for real-time connections. My client uses Windows, so I configured Plink to connect to the server with an SSH tunnel.

  • Thanks Jon. I'll let our DBA figure out the connection issues :) Commented Jul 30, 2018 at 14:20

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